Aubrac Cattle Walnut Crest Cattle Company, a custom beef producer located near Ottawa (KS), focuses on partnering with individual families and boutique restaurants for custom raised beef. Due to our focus on Aubrac cattle, a French breed noted for their grassfed greatness, WCCC is able to cater to a beef-loving market which appreciates a unique and healthy dining experience when enjoying a meal at home with family, friends or clients. WCCC has developed a sustainable cattle operation using state-of-the-art and earth-friendly land management practices. As a result, WCCC never uses traditional grains or other GMO inputs at any point in the life of their cattle, never keep any animals requiring ongoing use of antibiotics to stay healthy, and do not use growth hormones to overstimulate the natural process to grow flavorful, tender beef. Contact WCCC at for additional information on their custom beef operation and the grassfed greatness found with Aubrac genetics.