Poke around a bit on our in-progress website ... we're happy to answer questions! We raise fullblood Aubrac and Mashona cattle for off-the-farm beef and as seed stock for producers interested in the high quality, hardy cattle with superior maternal qualities and, when on the plate, elite palatability traits.  Our cattle are managed in tune with nature and are not babied.  We use no wormers, no fly treatments, no routine vaccinations and have very few health problems.  As a result, our cattle are re-invigorating the pastures as they graze.  Alongside our cattle, we raise free-range turkeys on a seasonal basis and egg-laying hens year-round. Our beef buying customers are more than just customers --- they are our Herd Partners.  We host a variety of events throughout the year exclusive to Herd Partners.  One of the most commonly sought advantages of being a Herd Partner is being at the front of the line when it's time to sign up for our Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys!