WCCC takes great pleasure in raising fullblood Aubrac cattle.  We are focused on breeding and developing hardy, fescue-adapted Aubracs who perform on the pasture AND on the plate.  To do this, we do the research and spend the money necessary to determine which of our cattle have the genes necessary to make elite-level dining experiences for our Herd Partners ... and ... to be able to give us a calf year-in and year-out, with minimal inputs and a good attitude! We feed no grains.  We use no growth hormones.  Or routine vaccinations.  Or routine antibiotics.  Or wormer.  Or fly spray.  We do not believe the regular application of poison to our cattle make them healthier, or the beef eaten healthier.  Our cattle have to make due, and this means that not all cattle make it. Over the last few years, we sourced and acquired the highest-end fullblood females from across North America, and relocated them to the fescue pastures of north eastern Kansas.  Some of these cattle have adapted straight-away without blinking an eye.  Some have not.  Those who didn't adapt as quickly, we sought to sell them to new homes outside of fescue country so they could resume their productive careers on other grasses in other pastures.  Those who adapted to our environment and management became the foundation of what we're doing. Along the way, we have also sourced and acquired the vast majority of previously imported elite AIA-stamped French fullblood semen, as well as semen from the best bulls bred in the US.  We have imported additional fullblood bulls from France.  We believe we have 100% of the global supply outside of France for a few of these bulls. Additionally, we've grown and acquired two top-end fullblood bulls (see the Bull Battery page for additional details) and have flushed five donor cows for embryos to the very best of the US-bred and French-bred bulls.  The vast majority of our bull calves get the knife, so if a young bull passes through our temperament and fleshing requirements, you can be assured he should do a fine job for you. With 31 fullblood Aubrac bulls in our semen tank (22 of which carry the AIA stamp of excellence from the French breed association), WCCC has diligently assembled what it believes is the largest, most diverse, and highest quality collection of fullblood Aubrac semen and embryos outside of France. As members of the Board of Directors for the North American Aubrac breed association (Aubrac International, Inc.), we take great pride in our leadership role with the breed and its continued development.  Contact us if there is anything we can do to help you. WCCC Cow Herd WCCC Bull Battery WCCC Semen & Embryo Inventory A Primer on French Data