32014 was a fun year ... we had our first group of five heritage turkeys.  We processed four for our large family Thanksgiving dinner -- we'll never buy another turkey if we can help it.  As a result of our trial run in 2014, we raising 75 heritage breed turkeys for our family and yours in 2015. After processing in the mid-November (in plenty of time for you to fully plan what you need for your November and December family get-togethers), we had fun giving tours to all the farm visitors! In 2016 and beyond, we expect that heritage breed turkeys (standard bronze, bourbon red and royal palm) are going to be a routine part of our operations around here -- they're fun birds, adding quite a bit to our pasture improvement goals, and are healthy and nutritious -- and taste ohhh so good! Contact us for more information and to place your pre-orders (note that our Herd Partners (i.e., those who buy beef from us) are able to buy turkeys from us at reduced prices). turkeys - 01 - 2015 11 13