CH. Mumford's Orient Express at Walnut Crest ("Jade") She achieved the rare feat of winning Winners Bitch at both Bucks and Trenton on the same weekend, which she did in 2012.  She excelled under both British and American judges, receiving compliments for her length of body, length of loin, powerful and smooth movement, depth of body, shoulder and rear angulation, ear set, and pigment. She is sweet and loyal, and is very athletic. Our pick from her first litter (Walnut Crest A La Mode ("Ally")) was BOS Junior Futurity at the 2014 MCOA National Specialty.  Jade's health test information can be found here. This is a picture of Jade at approx. 21 months of age, winning Winners Bitch at Bucks, 2012. Mumford's Orient Express at Walnut Crest - 19b (WB Bucks'12) This is Jade approximately 12 weeks post whelp after her first litter.  This picture was taken at the MCOA National Specialty in 2013. Mumford's Orient Express at Walnut Crest - 39a - 34mo (1st Open Fawn 2013) Jade's Six Generation Pedigree ...sorry this isn't very informative...our website is still a work in progress!